Our vision: A world in which everyone has a right to life, health and well-being.


Worldwide, almost 90 million children, up to seven years, were born in the war. Of which alone 3 million children within Syria. 3,000,000 children who know nothing but war and suffering. They do not know a world without violence, destruction, grief and pain. All these children have one thing in common: "invisible wounds". Not only in Syria does the future of tomorrow suffer from war trauma. Everywhere in the world we find the same suffering. Together, we want to take the first step and commit ourselves to treat and even heal these "invisible wounds". Getting there is neither fast nor easy - but there is an urgent need to go to give helpless, traumatized children a future. Because they too want to laugh, just like you and me.


Welcome to #SmileChild - take your time to inform yourself, become familiar with us. The smallest contribution, even a smile on behalf of these children, is a great contribution. Support us and we guarantee - your donation and your smile will arrive where it’s needed the most.